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Thank you so much Mr Hanvey for your up date, much of luck with the repairs etc


The technician has been here this week, some cameras and related equipment have to be replaced. Others cameras are now monitoring areas that were covered by the faulty cameras, it was some of these faulty cameras that were previously providing the uplink to the internet.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments in regards to the webcam facility, I am all too aware of its popularity for locals and those further afield. However, the CCTV system we have here is first and foremost for the security of the harbour and its precincts. The internet link will be back when the cameras are finally up and running to the satisfaction of the harbour authorities. I can can give no timeline to this as there are more factors involved than just cameras and wiring.
I guess the only way to get live pictures of Seahouses is to go there which luckily I am on Saturday. However for everyone else who has missed their holiday this year it would be great to get the cameras fixed soon. It has helped us through lockdown no doubt.
oh, i do hope this super service hasnt been discontinued!!
Sorry to say but the quality of the camera transmission has reached an all-time low today. Two cameras still out after 10 days, and the others now stutter and freeze after just a few seconds. Isn't the specialist able to ensure problem-free operation AND transmission for at least one running month? It's just cameras and wiring, and a bit of housing against saltwater, what more could there be? And the camera website just goes dead after a few minutes of stuttery transmission, so for an hour's worth of viewing requires 20-25 times refreshing. So much troubleshooting since the beginning of the year - that can't be the goal, surely? Truly disappointed here, especially in such an important year for remote viewing. :(
good morning,

can i be a huge pain, and ask if there are any new updates re. the cameras.

hope everyone has kept safe and healthy

many thanks

Much appreciated, Phil, your quick reply. I suspect that all of us out here moaning (can only speak for myself, really) are merely insanely jealous that you get to actually - bodily - be in the harbour and we don't! ;-) As soon as Scotland lifts quarantine, I will be able to book for November! *does little dance*
Thankyou for your reply to let us know that your in the process of having the camera`s fixed. Look forward to watching the harbour as I have been on lock down since March, Ty Mr P Hanvey.
When the cameras were first installed, it was absolutely great to be able to see the once-familiar comings and goings - and it's such a pity that over the past few months that they have become so troublesome. Even when they have been working, they often seemed to work loose - and while I think that the Offices and Short Pier have been fine, the others have ended up not always pointing so they show as much as possible of 'the interesting bits'. In particular, they often show more sky than harbour (sometimes, it seems, deliberately). I hope you get them fixed. [PS - pity about the panning camera. It was one of the best!]
Anna & Valerie

There is a fault affecting both the Main Pier and Hammerhead cameras, the technician has been called and will hopefully be able to sort it out within the next 24 hours.
Please can we have the camera`s working again. The frame ties for each camera seems as though it has been shortened as well ie; when viewing it switches to the banner`s saying coverage will resume asap thanking you. Now hammerhead has gone and main pier. All the other harbour camera`s are working down south, none of their camera`s freeze like your,s do
Now Main Pier is out, too. Is this really the cameras causing this, or is it just that the website doesn't work like it should? I seem to remember that unless a gust of wind resettled the camera, the old system wasn't nearly this vulnerable (plus the boats could be followed out). Thx for fixing! ;-)
Sorry to nag, but is there any chance to get the Hammerhead cam back online soon? These days it's the only angle that covers the departing boats. Thx much! Wish wish wish I could be there. Glad to see all those folks visiting and using the fleets!
Hallelujah - the trips are gannin agyen! To all the UK visitors able to get to Seahouses without sticking themselves into quarantine for a fortnight: Please support William at Billy Shiel's, Andrew at Serenity and George at Golden Gate to ensure that the fleets will reap at least a part of their income this year, and will be at hand to carry us out to the islands for years to come! Wouldn't hurt to pass the lads on the boats a wee tip, too. Oh, and please support the Harbour Office in their complicated task of shepherding folks through corona-ed times!
We were booked to come and stay in a house on Harbour Road at the end of June, having stayed there previously and loved it. Sadly our holiday will not be happening due to the current situation and I am feeling really disappointed, I miss Seahouses! Are the cameras likely to be up & running again soon?
The sadly quiet harbour being the only viewing experience TPTB are granting me these days, I have to say the camera action is a bit bizarre as of late. Does everyone have this problem, or is it just people outside the UK? I get a minute, sometimes 1,5 of frozen (and occasionally moving) Hammerhead, a minute each of Short Pier/Main Pier (both moving), a minute of Offices (OK), a minute of frozen Offices, and just as that unfreezes, a green "Channel will resume shortly". After that, it either goes white, or - with luck - starts out again at Hammerhead. Don't know if it's really supposed to be like that. But at this point I'll take anything I can get.
Stay safe out there, and hopefully at some point this year we can all flutter into SH again and leave some cash to jumpstart the economy a bit!
Been to Seahouses on several occasions and never get tired of the beautiful views and people a very welcoming village I don’t think I will get there this year but hopefully will be there by boat next year for a few weeks in the harbour.
Totally agree with Janice and Valerie - new views are great but the wind picked up around 6pm this evening and moved the Hammerhead camera again. Fabulous work you all do at this fascinating harbour. I'm privileged to live a few miles away.

Best wishes
Just enjoying the new view`s when that stupid wind moved the camera`s skyward again.
I agree, some really good views now, many thanks for keeping up the excellent service.. take care everyone
Hi to all, love the camera that`s showing the harbour inside, it looks really good. Been really interested in watching the tides I have never knew how they worked and how the fishermen had to work with them. Love to see the fishing boats come home and how effortless they seem to turn and tie up. I am on lock down and this has helped a lot watching my loved home ground thankyou.
We have been visiting Seahouses for years but not sure our holiday will be happening this year due to the lockdown. The cameras are much appreciated! Its sad to see such little activity on the harbour but lovely to be able to check in. Is the camera that used to scan the horizon out of action permanently? Missing views of the Farnes and Bamburgh!
Thanks and best wishes to all.


Thank you for your kind comments. The camera that scanned is still working, however, the cameras are primarily for security on the harbour and that camera was retasked to provide 24/7/365 coverage for a certain part of the harbour during this current lockdown situation.

Phil Hanvey, Deputy Harbourmaster
Sadly had to shift our weeks booking in May at Beadnell to 2021 but hopefully we will be able to get to our annual week in Seahouses during September till then
If you have faith try to have a happy ,Joyous and Uplifting Easter and if you haven't do take some Downtime out of your weekend for yourself to Chill and enjoy all that's good in your world !
My very best to all you Folks during this trying time.


Thank you, hopefully 2021 will be a better year for you, me and the rest of the world.

Phil Hanvey, Deputy Harbourmaster
Great to see the cameras working again - really missed my daily login, especially with the lockdown.

Many thanks, Sharon Murdy
brilliant, and thankyou.
The camera`s are up and transmitting again thankyou. Made my day as I`m not allowed out.
Thankyou for the info. keep checking it every day
once again, thanks for your update phil.
*** CAMERAS UPDATE - 2nd April 2020 ***

All the cameras are working properly at our end, it appears that the intrnet company that we use for them has a problem at the moment. Trying to sort it, the cameras will be back as soon as possible.

Phil Hanvey, Deputy Harbourmaster
Oh my goodness what has gone wrong with camera`s
Hammerhead camera pointing at the clouds it must be upside down


When the wind is northerly as it is this afternoon, it shakes the camera mounting and the camera moves upwards. We have a replacement that will be fitted when things get back to normal, whenever that will be.

Phil, Deputy Harbourmaster
thanks for the update phil. Stay safe everyone.

Due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing works including new camera installations and replacement, which were planned for the harbour have been delayed until further notice.

At this time, I do not have access to this website to alter the homepage in regards to the closure of the harbour to the general public, but as soon as I have it will be altered to show that.
Why is there nothing on this site about the harbour being closed ???
Thankyou for sorting the camera`s out nicer to watch. I was born in Belford station and spent most of my childhood in Bamburgh and Seahouses and love coming up for hols.
Brilliant, couple of the cameras now been adjusted, the main pier one is now much better than previous... many thanks
Can you sort the camera`s please
ha ha ….. nice one Geoff.....I so love the views on the cameras, really missing the ones that panned across to bamburgh
Why the variation between NHS guidance and NSH cams ?
Some of the cams are already self isolating, others appear to be wearing ill-fitting face masks and the remainder are keeping calm and carrying on.
Please do all you can to avoid total lock down.
I`m desperately trying to avoid stockpiling images of Seahouses to help me through this crisis :)

Why is nothing being done about the Cameras and why is no-one getting a response anymore?
hammerhead cam pointing to the clouds main pier has moisture in lens
Hi, I used to live in Northumberland for a while, but now I'm back down south, I love to look at the web cam, brings back so many memories, but now I find that it keeps freezing after a little while, and just wondered if it was weather condition or perhaps the camera's are playing up, it would be nice to see them back to normal, and you would make an old lady very happy.
Camera`s frozen on hammerhead @ 08-33 on the9/03/2020
Why does it keep freezing after a few seconds.

just wondering if any of the web cams might be down in seahouses, been watching the harbour, piers etc for a few weeks now, just so love the area, reminds me our hols there, used to get the view that panned across the farne island and onto bamburgh, but cant get this view now.. any help anyone... thanks for great service
Hi everyone up in seahouses, great to be able to access the cameras down the harbour. I lived in seahouses for many years, and went to school there, makes me a little less homesick, being able to see the harbour and views out to sea. Thanks malcolm.
Full Compliments of the Season to the Harbour Master and all the good folks of Seahouses , Beadnell and the surrounding area .
Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2020 !
May I wish you all you wish yourself ,
Christopher .


Many thanks for the kind words. We hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for 2020 and beyond. NSH
Ah - relief! No more orange on the pier! (A blessing for photographers...) Congrats to getting that big chunk of repairs out of the way, let's hope it lasts for another good 15 year(s).
As always I have suggestions for improvement - ha! - but it's really a hopeful question about the addition of another camera angle in the future, the one from the Harbour Office we used to have that showed the boat boarding spot at the front slip. In the spring especially this was always wonderful to watch on the camera as it reminded me that time was near where I could race up north to Seahouses for another fantastic visit! Any chance?
I think the Hammerhead camera needs a slight adjustment.
Nice to see the building work progressing on the pier. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

Adele - Many thanks for letting us know. Hopefully should be ok now; but i'll keep checking to see if it needs work! NSH
Wonderful job cleaning the seating area, looks a lot better already. Is the gravel part staying like that or getting planted up? Again, makes such a difference already... so much tidier.

Thank you for your kind comment. NSH