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Love Seahouses, we've stayed there often. I sometimes think I need to see the sea on holiday to keep me sane for the rest of the year so I'm really missing the webcams! Any ideas about when they'll be back? The new website is great too.

We've ordered some new camera stuff and are just waiting for it to arrive, although it's taking longer than we thought too! Hopefully not long now before they're back on line. Thanks for the compliment on the website. NSH
Is it still possible to launch from North Sunderland Harbour at the moment?

Sorry, but not this year, due to the renovation work. NSH

As I said in an earlier comment, we try to balance a lot of various things on the harbour; but on occasions we must intervene and take charge. Today my colleague asked politely for compliance BEFORE having to be more direct. As they say 'You can't please all of the people all of the time...'.

We welcome divers (and all visitors) to North Sunderland Harbour, but just ask that they consider others when loading and unloading; and move if told to do so by our staff. We all just want to get along! NSH
I saw the whole incident mentioned below and have to say well done to you "young man". Keep up the good work!

Thank you NSH.
I was quite taken aback today by a young man whom I believe may have been the harbour master? A great deal of cars had parked near the huts and vans to load divers equipment when they announced quite loudly that the cars were to move immediately. Although the cars were a temporary nuisance to passers by as well as the young man I thought this approach was a bit abrupt.

Hi. That young man was me! It may have appeared abrupt, but I had previously asked politely for the cars to move just moments before but to no avail. Indeed the number of cars increased to 10 in that confined space before I felt the need to announce loudly my intent. The harbour is a working area, which attempts to accommodate a great many things including diving, passenger vessels, RNLI and fishing boats to name a few; but first and foremost safety of all users takes priority. If I can't get access in a forklift what chance would RNLI, Coastguard, Fire-brigade, Ambulance or Police have? NSH
I have been visiting Seahouses for over Sixty years and still take a weeks break there every year just as I did back in the 1960's and 70's .
Whilst some of the developments in the village are not to my taste ( they are now doing the same to nearby Beadnell) the place still has a magic for me that I can find nowhere else .
I enjoy reading about the Harbour updates about the current renovations and indeed all the " goings on ".
Looking forward to the webcams coming back on line !

I must admit Christopher, I agree about some of the more recent developments, not all to my taste either; but architecture is only a tiny part of what makes the area so good. A good mix of characters, some visiting for the first time, some for their umpteenth visit and the locals of course; added to the fantastic scenery and great local businesses all contribute to making the place magical. Hopefully the cameras will be back up by the weekend (1st w/e Sept), and I'll endeavour to keep you updated in the meantime. NSH.
Me again, wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to wish Phil all the best in his future endeavours. Keep drinking your coffee, young man! :-)

I'm sure Phil appreciates your kind thoughts... and as for the coffee... we'll all keep at it! NSH
Great new website, can't wait for the webcams to go online again! Brilliant harbour, village, people - what can I say, gearing up for visit #5 in two years, always a treat and a pleasure to feel the welcome and kindness of Seahoosians. Good luck on finishing the pier in time!

Thanks for the kind comments Anna. The work on the pier is progressing well, and is currently near enough bang on schedule, which for a job of its size is great news! Hopefully you'll be able to take full advantage of it when you return for trip number 5! NSH
Beautiful harbour, beautiful place. I enjoy visiting every summer. Good work on the new look website.

You're right Eileen, we're very lucky up here; and it's great to know you keep coming back. Thanks for the complement on the website! NSH.
A great improvement on old site

Many thanks for your kind comment Alan. NSH.