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oh that is brilliant brian... just great

Janice good day. NSH are currently installing an extensive CCTV
We hope this meets your approval.

Kind regards
ah yes such a pity about the cameras, used to be a few of them with such lovely views. always hoping they will be back in the near future
Are the Harbour cameras broken? Permanent green screen these last couple of weeks.
Why do the cameras not work properly? they keep going to a green screen after a couple of seconds.
For William's comment below: Google the Hereford research into reduction/ removal of litter bins... you may be suprised.

I am sending you this email of complaint as being a tourist.  I can't believe as a harbour that you DONT HAVE ANY BINS TO PLACE RUBBISH IN. Whe I asked one of the tourist places, they said I need to complain to you.  The amount of rubbish I saw laying arround was disgusting,  and where is the point of no bins. 

This will mean that this rubbish arround will end up in the sea and the wildlife will end up getting harmed by it. 

Before you say the gulls will go in the bins. There are bins with covers or small holes to place it in. 

Am forwarding my complaint onto other sources as well. As it is appalling in these times that no bins. Which will mean more rubbish on the floor.  



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offices camera black white very poor main pier broken
Anybody there going to answer my question.

The slipway is open daily weather permitting from April to October all information here:
Hi, is the slipway open for 17ft speedboat launch?
often check in and lo and behold got a brief glimpse of the hammerhead camera this hope they are all back soon
The webcams are a great idea. However they have been out of order for some time. Is there a plan to get them back to working order.
Why the problems with the cameras ?- we didn't have this much bother with the last ones
Are you public accounts available on your website?

Interesting Seahouses is not listed in the BPA’s latest trust port document. The Commissioners appear to be as dodgy as ever!
What a load of controlling nasty people work in the harbour house!!!

NEWS FLASH!!! You do not own the road in front of the harbour!!!!

The sooner you all realise this and stop bullying visitors the better. You are allowed to park in front of the harbour office with a blue badge!!! The only way some of us can see the harbour!!!

If you do not want people to park here go thro the proper channels and get some legal restriction and get the council involved!!!!

Bullying the most vunerable people!!!
I wish to raise a concern about the Trust's governance. There are no details about who your Commissioners are or how they are elected on your website. Are the Commissioners suitable and able? Do you train them? I would like to become a Commissioner, how do I apply?

The port also does not appear to be a member of the British Ports Association which seems to be the association for trust ports and provides safety and governance training. Why is this? Berwick are members.

I have been looking at the Department for Transport's Ports Good Governance Guidance. Does the port comply with this?
Will the leisure boat ramp be open this year (2021) for launching a small (17ft) boat?


The slipway should be open when all the restrictions are lifted, call or email closer to the time you wish to launch and we'll be glad to help.
Good job I am a habitual returnee, reading these criticisms. My great Aunt spent her honeymoon here in 1948. I am interested in the history of Grace Darling. So we booked an apartment on the harbour front. Now, we just keep coming back, it suits my husband and I perfectly. Everything we need in a holiday is available
or close by. We had to postpone last year's 2 weeks and we are hoping we can return this year, who knows?
Be kind, see you soon x
When will the cameras be working properly? I miss being able to check in properly on what's going on. Especially since I now live in Cheshire.
Orf with their heads!
Come on lads sort the camera out!
Its been a while since i have visitied the site and am disapppointed looking at the cameras which arent working and reading the comments about the horrible staff.. found out the lad i spoke to last time has left; cum back barrie, all is forgiven
oops hammerhead has slipped again !!


Thank you for your vigilance Janice, the camera has been reset, hopefully the new system will be up and running soon in 2021 and this will be a thing of the past!
thankyou Christopher and very best wishes to you too...I'm further afield in Yorkshire but so looking forward to my next visit to Beadnell, really missed it this year. Take care everyone
May I send the full Compliments of the Season to all the good folks of Seahouses , Beadnell and the surrounding area .
Looking forward to seeing you all again in hopefully May and September 2021 for another slice of Northumbrian Magic.... Pandemic willing !
I wish you all you wish yourself ,
Christopher .

Thank you Christopher and all the very best to you and yours too.
Visited the harbour today, lovely place Shame about the harbour staff what horrible people. Parking nazi's!!! If you dont want people to park legally I might add, get some legal signage up frommthe people that own the road. The council. The part of the road in front of the harbout does not belong to them and is NOT a private road!!!
good morning

Hope everyone has kept well, can I be a pain (again!) and ask how things are progressing with camera repairs etc.

many thanks

janice gardiner
whilst I disagree with shouting at anyone that is disabled, I have watched members of the public at the harbour and they have blatant disregard for the traffic and the people that work there. They just stand in the way of the cars and workers I find myself saying to my screen get out of the way as they will be the first to shout if someone is run over, please remember it`s a working harbour and a lovely place.
We witnessed this I was with 4 disabled yound men who all suffer from anxiety, all I can say is wow!!!! You must not want tourism!!! What a distressing thing to see for my service users to witness.

We as an organisation also have a blue badge so I am aware of the rules. You are allowed to use it for up to 3 hours. There was no signage with parking rules just your normal double yellow lines. The harbour its self going in the other direction said private road but not where the camper van was parking.

There was no need for all the shouting and foul language from the harbour staff, it was alarming for all especially anyone with disabilities or children or elderly dont want to be subjected to this behaviour.

The guy who was rejected like this deserves a massive apology
I also saw the incident about parking with the motor home. From a personal point of view I had my 3 children with me and I certainly dont apreciate the man from the harbour office shouting swear words in the street, I thought he was drunk at first!!!

As soon as this man in his camper pulled up they were on him, 3 on to one man being abussive. I dont know the rights and wrongs of parking but I do know where the man parked there was only double yellow lines and no signage about parking along that stretch of the harbour at all. Also nothing about it being a private road. The only signage about it being private is going in the opposite direction actually going into the harbour itself. This needs clarification!!! Because if everyone gets harrassed in that manner who parks there with a blue badge its only a matter of time before someone in such a vunerable postion as this man was with a blue badge falls ill with the stress of 3 men bearing down on them with such oppressing tactics.

Sorry Harbour master, but your staff behaved liked bullys in a playdround!!!! Regards Jackie
What a rude lot of men working in the harbour office. Abussive bad mannered and swearing!!! I witnessed this insident and am also staying in seahouses. Also spneding lots of money with my family!!! Dont they want our money either!!!

I also saw the short man with the meriva call you a Horrible bastard, and the disabled gent who owned the camper was the only one that wasnt being abusive!!!! His wife looked really shocked and upset after the incident as I spoke to her afterwards in the town.

The man had a blue badge for a reason and his wife told me it was the only way he could see the harbour.

This man should NOT have been abused in such a way. Also what an awful incident to witness. And the man who shouted the disabled Gent you a horrible bastard for all to hear shoud be truly ashamed of himself as a mature chap he should know better with tourist amd children about!!!!
The people who hang around the Harbour office are bullies and intimidating! We parked in our campervan with a blue badge, only way I could get to see the harbour because of limited ability on the double yellow lines as I am legally allowed to do. With a blue badge for upto 3 hours however as it is a working harbour We were going to have half an hour then move on.

Three guys come out the harbour office and started shouting really loudly to embarress us infront of all the tourists eating fish and chips on the many benches and really been abussive said it was a private road.......which that actual bit of harbour road belongs to the local authority one disapeared in a transit van after abusing and threatening us for at least 10 minutes telling me dont make me get out the van and that I was going to get my camper damaged, he was stocky with a trimmed beard, 2nd man was short I am told from yorkshire told me to fk off back where i came from that i was a horrible bastard. I said i was a tourist spending money he said we dont want ya money. (His car was parked in front of mine by the way an old gray/silver meriva) thinkmhe was a handy man as he was sawing a bench up the third man in blue overalls quiet tall told me he was going to get the fork lift and remove my camper.

Thanks to Toby off the boat serenity who was the only one with any manners that told me infact I could park there but if they needed access i would need to move, which was always my intention.

Bu─║lys intimidating causing my wife lots of harm and distress. Using abusive words and swear words. The man in the meriva said if we come to where you live bet we would get fkin towed.

We were staying in a local campsite paying almost £40 per night eating out spending £40 upwards per night, sad to say we went home that day, even tho we were booked in for another week, dont think my wife will ever want to return to seahouses and it was one of our favourite spots.....
Apologies for having been such a pain, Phil, did not mean any disrespect - I understand that this is a cherry-on-top service for all of us not working on harbour safety. It's just that it has been disappointing to miss out on SH so far this year for so many of us! Great work with the Hammerhead, and being able to see the low-tide boarding of the boats! I will get to see 2 wks worth of SH in November so until then no matter what happens with the cameras I will be a good girl and shut up!;-)
Lovely to see the hammerhead in all its glory this morning , the sunrise was beautiful on the harbour, reflection's on the water beautiful to see.
Thankyou for the update, pleased to hear that it`s all underway, will look forward to viewing again when it`s all done
Thank you so much Mr Hanvey for your up date, much of luck with the repairs etc


The technician has been here this week, some cameras and related equipment have to be replaced. Others cameras are now monitoring areas that were covered by the faulty cameras, it was some of these faulty cameras that were previously providing the uplink to the internet.

I would like to thank everyone for their comments in regards to the webcam facility, I am all too aware of its popularity for locals and those further afield. However, the CCTV system we have here is first and foremost for the security of the harbour and its precincts. The internet link will be back when the cameras are finally up and running to the satisfaction of the harbour authorities. I can can give no timeline to this as there are more factors involved than just cameras and wiring.
I guess the only way to get live pictures of Seahouses is to go there which luckily I am on Saturday. However for everyone else who has missed their holiday this year it would be great to get the cameras fixed soon. It has helped us through lockdown no doubt.
oh, i do hope this super service hasnt been discontinued!!
Sorry to say but the quality of the camera transmission has reached an all-time low today. Two cameras still out after 10 days, and the others now stutter and freeze after just a few seconds. Isn't the specialist able to ensure problem-free operation AND transmission for at least one running month? It's just cameras and wiring, and a bit of housing against saltwater, what more could there be? And the camera website just goes dead after a few minutes of stuttery transmission, so for an hour's worth of viewing requires 20-25 times refreshing. So much troubleshooting since the beginning of the year - that can't be the goal, surely? Truly disappointed here, especially in such an important year for remote viewing. :(
good morning,

can i be a huge pain, and ask if there are any new updates re. the cameras.

hope everyone has kept safe and healthy

many thanks

Much appreciated, Phil, your quick reply. I suspect that all of us out here moaning (can only speak for myself, really) are merely insanely jealous that you get to actually - bodily - be in the harbour and we don't! ;-) As soon as Scotland lifts quarantine, I will be able to book for November! *does little dance*
Thankyou for your reply to let us know that your in the process of having the camera`s fixed. Look forward to watching the harbour as I have been on lock down since March, Ty Mr P Hanvey.
When the cameras were first installed, it was absolutely great to be able to see the once-familiar comings and goings - and it's such a pity that over the past few months that they have become so troublesome. Even when they have been working, they often seemed to work loose - and while I think that the Offices and Short Pier have been fine, the others have ended up not always pointing so they show as much as possible of 'the interesting bits'. In particular, they often show more sky than harbour (sometimes, it seems, deliberately). I hope you get them fixed. [PS - pity about the panning camera. It was one of the best!]
Anna & Valerie

There is a fault affecting both the Main Pier and Hammerhead cameras, the technician has been called and will hopefully be able to sort it out within the next 24 hours.
Please can we have the camera`s working again. The frame ties for each camera seems as though it has been shortened as well ie; when viewing it switches to the banner`s saying coverage will resume asap thanking you. Now hammerhead has gone and main pier. All the other harbour camera`s are working down south, none of their camera`s freeze like your,s do
Now Main Pier is out, too. Is this really the cameras causing this, or is it just that the website doesn't work like it should? I seem to remember that unless a gust of wind resettled the camera, the old system wasn't nearly this vulnerable (plus the boats could be followed out). Thx for fixing! ;-)
Sorry to nag, but is there any chance to get the Hammerhead cam back online soon? These days it's the only angle that covers the departing boats. Thx much! Wish wish wish I could be there. Glad to see all those folks visiting and using the fleets!
Hallelujah - the trips are gannin agyen! To all the UK visitors able to get to Seahouses without sticking themselves into quarantine for a fortnight: Please support William at Billy Shiel's, Andrew at Serenity and George at Golden Gate to ensure that the fleets will reap at least a part of their income this year, and will be at hand to carry us out to the islands for years to come! Wouldn't hurt to pass the lads on the boats a wee tip, too. Oh, and please support the Harbour Office in their complicated task of shepherding folks through corona-ed times!
We were booked to come and stay in a house on Harbour Road at the end of June, having stayed there previously and loved it. Sadly our holiday will not be happening due to the current situation and I am feeling really disappointed, I miss Seahouses! Are the cameras likely to be up & running again soon?