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Updated statement from North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners



Following recent guidlines on the reopening of places to the public after the Coronvirus/COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners have decided to open up the harbour to the public once again on Saturday, 4th July 2020.


However, there are to be some changes. The long pier is to remain closed to the general public apart from persons booked to sail on sightseeing, diving or angling trips, harbour staff, harbour users and any contractors employed by them. This is to enable us to provide the maximum amount of Social Distancing space needed for those persons.


The car park on Seafield Road is open, parking is also available on the hill near the Lifeboat Station.


Boat trips will be running with limited numbers and the usual food and ice cream vendors will be back on the harbour.


We ask all members of the public at all times to follow current Social Distancing guidlines and give other people as much space as they need.



Jonathan Dawson, Chairman, N.S.H.C., 3rd July 2020

Probably better known now as Seahouses Harbour, North Sunderland Harbour (its correct title), began life as a small wooden jetty between two natural rock promontories.  It lies at the east end of the village of Seahouses in north east Northumberland in close proximity to the world famous Farne Islands. Nowadays, the harbour is enjoyed by thousands of visitors who come to visit the Farnes, go charter diving and angling or just to simply enjoy a pleasant stroll along the piers of this picturesque harbour.

Co-ordinates of harbour mouth

55º 35.057’N 001º 38.912’W


Harbour lights characteristics

North Pier Lighthouse 55º 35.030’N 001º 38.939’W Fixed Green 

SE Breakwater 55º 35.049’N 001º 38.889’W Flash Red 2.5s


Fog Signal 1 prolonged blast every 2 minutes


APPROXIMATE DEPTH OF WATER (See also link to Tide Tables)

Outer Harbour: (at Entrance between Piers)

Ordinary Spring Tides  3.96 Metres

Ordinary Neap Tides   2.74 Metres

Inner Harbour: (at Entrance between Inner Piers)

Ordinary Spring Tides  3.50 Metres

Ordinary Neap Tides   2.29 Metres



Note: The Channel connecting the two Entrances mentioned shoals very gradually and regularly between the depths stated.

Crystal Ball


Check out our new link to North Sunderland Forecasts here.  You'll find info on tides, rain, wind, UV, humidity, pressure, water temperature, visibility and fish activity to name a few...  it doesn't predict the lottery results though; which is a shame!