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There's something fishy about this Santa and his helpers...


You could be forgiven for thinking that Santa Claus had arrived early at North Sunderland Harbour on Tuesday; but it was actually a visit from Dave Linkie of the Fishing News to the skipper of 'Standsure' that convinced our Commissioner's chairman to get in the festive spirit; and suit up.  The skipper of the 'JJ', Glen Annison along with both crews (and the harbourmaster) thought Christmas actually had come early watching Jonathan Dawson get dressed!


Main Pier works update.


4th Dec 19


If you've been down the harbour in the past week, or indeed just checked out our cameras, you'll notice just how big the main pier looks; now that Balfour Beattie and their teams have begun to pack up.  


The £3 million renovation project has been a challenging task, with environmental factors causing some delays, but the bulk of the work is now completed and only a few loose ends are left to tidy up.


Overall, despite the obvious disruption a job of this size can cause, the project has been handled sensitively and expertly by all involved, and on behalf of the Harbour Commissioners, staff and users, we wish all of the contractors all the best over the festive season an beyond.

Co-ordinates of harbour mouth

55º 35.057’N 001º 38.912’W


Harbour lights characteristics

North Pier Lighthouse 55º 35.030’N 001º 38.939’W Fixed Green 

SE Breakwater 55º 35.049’N 001º 38.889’W Flash Red 2.5s


Fog Signal 1 prolonged blast every 2 minutes


APPROXIMATE DEPTH OF WATER (See also link to Tide Tables)

Outer Harbour: (at Entrance between Piers)

Ordinary Spring Tides  3.96 Metres

Ordinary Neap Tides   2.74 Metres

Inner Harbour: (at Entrance between Inner Piers)

Ordinary Spring Tides  3.50 Metres

Ordinary Neap Tides   2.29 Metres



Note: The Channel connecting the two Entrances mentioned shoals very gradually and regularly between the depths stated.

Probably better known now as Seahouses Harbour, North Sunderland Harbour (it's correct title) began life as a small wooden jetty between two natural rock promontories.   It lies to the seaward end of the village of Seahouses in North East Northumberland in close proximity to the world famous Farne Islands and today is enjoyed by thousands of visitors who come to visit the Farnes, go charter diving and angling or even simply enjoy a pleasant stroll along the piers of this picturesque Harbour.

Crystal Ball


Check out our new link to North Sunderland Forecasts here.  You'll find info on tides, rain, wind, UV, humidity, pressure, water temperature, visibility and fish activity to name a few...  it doesn't predict the lottery results though; which is a shame!

Notice to Mariners


Notice is hereby given that work will commence on the installation of steel steps on the middle pier of North Sunderland Harbour on 17 September 2019. North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners have previously applied for and been given a Marine licence for the construction by the Marine Management Organisation under the Marine & Coastal Access Act 2009, part 4.

After visiting the harbour & Farnes, why not treat yourself at


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