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I'm sure you are aware of the dead seal on the harbour beach, which died on Sunday after a seizure, I have tried contacting the numbers listed but can't get through on any of them, I left a message on twitter for one of the people listed, the seal needs to be removed for obvious reasons, the beach is used by dog walkers and children alike, and the longer the carcass remains, the more distressing it will be for users of the beach, can someone in your office make arrangements for its removal please, and thank you
We have had a file 'K & F Concept' handed in. If you believe it may be yours please call the office on 01665 720033.
Good morning all from a busy North Sunderland Harbour. Please rest assured that bread is not being fed to the ducks by NSHC staff. We have our first ducklings now so hope to see many more. Please keep watching and in touch.
Kind regards
We have seen comments relating to the feeding of the Gulls and Ducks within the Harbour, both from Peter and Paul, So Mary where are you, lets have your view on this matter.
I see that your one of the harbour
officers is still feeding the ducks and seagulls with bread doesn't look good especially when you have large display boards up saying do not feed the ducks !!!!!!!!!!!
Good to see the SEMS have been put on but be aware that some still need a bit of updating done, especially section 7.
Good afternoon

With regard to Joan's question the RNLI's All Weather vessel 'John & Elizabeth Allan' will be in the harbour until this Thursday as maintenance is carried out on the vehicles that transport it from the station.
Fascinating! Been watching the lifeboat in the harbour - are they practising or something. 19th Feb at about 1200 hrs
Good afternoon North Sunderland Harbour,
I have noticed on a number of occasions, via your webcam, a guy from the Harbour Office throwing what appears to be bread to seagulls. I really don't think feeding gulls is something that should be encouraged. There is no wonder the gulls 'attack' visitors enjoying a snack on the seats near the Harbour Master's Office.
Perhaps someone should have a kind word with him?
Good morning

The large yellow buoy was collected last Friday morning. The top part was removed and it was transported in two parts back up to Burntisland on an 18m lorry. I believe it will then be returned to its owners and put back to work so let's hope it enjoyed the rest here in Seahouses!
We would love to know what the final fate of the enormous washed up yellow buoy was! We have seen it almost daily and suddenly today it has gone! Sad to have missed it's departure!
Good morning all and albeit three weeks in to January - Happy New Year! We are aware two of our camera feeds are down and are working on it. Hope you enjoyed the amazing sunrises on Friday and Saturday. Have a lovely week.
Yet another year almost over.
Compliments of the Season........... to all the good folk of Seahouses /Beadnell/Bamburgh and the surrounding district .
May I wish you all good things for Yuletide and for many happy fun times and places in 2024 .
Looking forward to seeing you all again in May/September already !
Had a wander down the harbour today.. perry buoys, lighthouse, etc looking good.
Sorry we are aware of our 'sulking' camera (perfect description thank you Eileen!) but weather here is not conducive to trying to cheer it up. Hope you all stay safe and warm over next couple of days. Hopefully the high winds won't be too harsh to our cameras and you can enjoy the rollers we have coming in at the moment.
Cameras looking good againπŸ˜€. Camera 2 looks like it is sulking looking only at the water lol.
Good morning

Sorry - we are aware that the cameras are still down. We are doing everything we can to re-instate them as soon as possible.

Have a good day
Good afternoon we are aware that the cameras are all down and are doing what we can to reinstate them. Please bear with us.

Have a lovely Monday
Oh dear, so sad to see that only 1 camera is working.
However, came down last week when the sea was flat calm - what a display the dolphins put on!
Really missing the camera now living in New Zealand
New look cameras didn’t last long , must be someone in seahouses knows something about CCTV
What's going on with the cameras
Great to see the new look camera that pans around the inner harbour. Well done, whoever fixed it!
Whoopee! All three are working again. Thanks for getting them fixed.
Oh oh oh what's going on with the cameras
Unfortunately, two are on the blink again.
Missing the Camera harbour views this week. But we have the joys of being there 3 weeks today. 😁

The sun is shining again here but the last few high tides combined with strong winds have affected a couple of the cameras again. The weather will need to be kinder, personnel and required equipment available at the same time for us to clean them. Please bear with us.
Love watching over the harbour
Have a joyous ,meaningful and peaceful Easter with your loved ones everybody .
Hope the sun shines bright in North Northumberland and in your hearts .
Christopher .
I lived in Seahouses for many years, I love watching the cameras down the Harbour, they are much clearer now, good work πŸ‘
Thankyou so much for the new camera! I am loving the new view across to Bamburgh and also of the harbour!
oh yes... well done... lovely views now with the new camera.... be up in Beadnell week after next... so looking forward to being there again...
Yes I too love the new camera angle and its slow pan of the harbour !
Good work folks and a great visual setting this time .
Chris .
Lovely to see a different view of the harbour this morning. Thank you for all your efforts in trying to fix the old camera. Greatly appreciated.
Thought I'd just check the weather on the cams this morning before I venture out.

It's been worth the wait. Congratulations on the new camera and its positioning. It must add greatly to the security of the harbour, as well as providing great views for us villagers and visitors alike.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Morning all we are aware of the problem with the camera lens but it is proving harder to fix than we anticipated. I hope you can continue to enjoy the other two cameras. With regard to the query about moving to standard or professional view I have asked my IT guru and will be in touch. Have a lovely day wherever you are viewing us from.
Good Morning, I love looking at Harbour cameras to get me ready for our holiday at Seahouses. Does anyone clean the lenses as the inner harbour camera is foggy with cobwebs.
Good morning. I’ve been viewing your wonderful cameras for the last week but unfortunately it’s now telling me to switch to standard or professional view.
Please could you tell me how I can continue to view my happy place
Thank you
Happy New Year! Hoping we see you all again this year back in Seahouses. Please bear with us re the short pier inner pole camera - we are hoping to get it back clearly for you.
Compliments of the Season........... to all the good folk of Seahouses /Beadnell/Bamburgh and the surrounding district .
May I wish you all good things for Yuletide and for many happy times and places in 2023 .
Looking forward to seeing you all again in September already !
What is that flashing light visable on the Main Pier, Middle Pole camera? It's about 45% across from the left side, and about 15% down from the top. It flashes at a rate of about once every 1.5 seconds. I'm sure I've seen it red, but tonight it's white. As far as I know, in that direction there are only the rocks between the cliffs on the right, and the Powder House on the left.
Thank you for your comments about the cameras. We are aware that they are not as clear as we would like and the issue is being addressed so please bear with us. Please keep in touch and don't hesitate to contact the office on 01665 720033 if you have any queries. Thanks for watching the cameras and your interest in North Sunderland Harbour - unfortunately the weather here today means there's not a lot going on though!
It is obvious no one from the harbour actually reads these as the faulty camera on the inner harbour was reported over a month ago and nothing has been done about or no explanation as to why nothing has been done about it
Delighted to see scaffolding up round the Lighthouse on the main pier at last
presumably for its long promised coat of paint .Poor thing was looking slightly
shabby during our recent annual stay a week or so ago and it will be wonderful to
see it shining again and at its very best .
Cameras worse now - only 1 visible, inner harbour in a fog, and the second one wont even connect on my PC. Please can somebody help - got withdrawal symptoms here.
Please, please, please could someone clean the lens on the Inner Harbour camera.
For five days now the Inner Harbour appears to be in a bad sea fret.
Looked at the harbour this morning, via webcams. Lovely clear day, except for the view of the inner harbour. looks like a very local sea fret in there. Anyone got some spare Windolene - ir is it just a loose connection?
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Visited today by car - plenty of parking spaces in upper car park, but only one ticket machine was working (pier 3). Just thought you may want to know - might be losing revenue. Pity about the sea fret, but it was a relief from the high temperatures in Alnwick!!