Public Notice - Election of Fishermen’s Commissioners


This Public Notice relates to the election of fishermen’s Commissioners pursuant to the North Sunderland Harbour Order 1931 and an Order of the Court dated 12 September 2023.


The election took place on Thursday 12 October 2023. At the meeting it was declared by the Chair of the meeting that the following votes were cast for each candidate (alphabetical by surname):

  • Glen Annison – 7 votes
  • Toby Douglas – 8 votes
  • William Lawrence – 12 votes
  • Matthew Stephenson – 11 votes

Therefore the following individuals are elected as fishermen’s Commissioners with effect from 1 November 2023:

  • Toby Douglas
  • William Lawrence
  • Matthew Stephenson


North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners

18th October 2023